God is building a Home.

Our vision is that it will be a place...

  • where people—no matter their background, their age, or where they are in their faith walk—are invited into a life of significance and meaning.
  • where we generously share His grace and love and mercy.
  • where relationships can be started and nurtured.
  • where Jesus can be encountered, and we can learn what it means to have a dynamic, meaningful, and lifelong relationship with Him.
  • where the love of Christ isn’t limited.
  •  where we reach people far from God and grow each one of us into ever-increasing devotion to Jesus.
  • that has a visible location with a compelling property to invite our community to enjoy.
  • that has a safe, inviting, relaxing environment where people of all ages and stages will come on the weekend and during the week.

Our Story

Willow Creek Huntley opened its doors on Easter of 2011.

Since then, we have had every reason to stand in awe of Him. Years of “only God” moments. Years of baptisms, dedications, and celebrations. Years of God building into each one of us—and building us into a church family. Lives changed. Families strengthened. Children, students, and adults accepting Jesus. Friendships flourishing. Relationships restored and reconciled. The sick cared for and the hungry fed. So many lives transformed.

But a problem. As we approached our sixth anniversary, we realized Willow Creek Huntley was experiencing exponential growth—but it would soon cease. As a mobile church meeting in a rented, shared, public space, we experience constant, unsolvable challenges—set up and teardown; parking and construction frustrations; scheduling conflicts, changes and cancellations; limited signage and visibility; limited seating at optimal service times; limited, less-than-ideal spaces for Promiseland, Elevate, and Impact; limited access during the week for small groups, classes, workshops, community events, and community outreach. Our current space simply cannot contain all that God wants to do through our church and in our community.

 We needed an “only God” solution.

On October of 2016, we stood in awe of God once more. We secured sixty-five acres of land off Huntley Road, a couple blocks east of Square Barn Road.

For eighteen months, we’d prayed. We’d studied diligently. We’d employed a team of experts from multiple disciplines. And no other land option had come even close to providing the proximity, the space, and the affordability of this property. The next best option was nearly ten times the cost (for less acreage). It was clear God’s hand guided us to this land. The seller—who was invited by a friend and started to attend with our church family that year—was deeply moved by our vision for a permanent home and chose to donate the majority of the land.

That was the foundation.

God has provided for us—every step of the way. Now, we are following His invitation to move in faith and build this home together. God, who began this good work, will help us complete a church home that brings Him glory while best serving our church family and the community we so love.

Our prayer is that every person He calls to be a part of this Home—part of building from the ground up in this season—will answer that call.

It will benefit us and it will benefit those in our community who do not even know that we exist yet. The vision of Willow Creek Community Church has never been to limit the love of Christ—it has always been to invite more and more people to come to know the hope of Christ. So we are moving in faith, together, as a church family...

A Word from Todd

Dear Willow Creek Huntley,

What do you think of when you hear the word “home?” For me, it’s far more than just a physical space—it’s a place that a family can make their own and, through time, reflects more and more of who they are—through its floors, its walls, and through everything in between. Much of family life happens there, and all sorts of emotions are associated with the smells, the sights, the sounds as memories are created first and then relived. It is a safe haven, both for the family and for the friends each member has and wants to share the joy of home with.  

At Willow Creek Huntley, we are like family, from every age of life to every stage of life. As a church family, we’ve grown so much in Huntley High School over these six years, but we have a dream of having our own permanent home. And now, the time has come for our great God to make that dream a reality! After His provision through the miracle of the land, we’re in humble expectation of what He wants to do next in turning this piece of land into a permanent home. This home will not just be for us but also for our kids, our grandkids, for the next hundred years and beyond. God has placed each of us here for such a time as this—to leave a legacy that will far outlast all of our lifetimes! 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again—Willow Creek Huntley is the most wonderful group of Christ-followers on the planet! I’m so grateful and humbled to be a part of what God keeps building through you. And I am asking you, as a key part of our church family, to join me in going “all-in” to help us build our permanent home. I believe God is asking each of us to journey through a prayerful, spiritual process to make a sacrificial gift to this vision—for many of us, it may be the most sacrificial gift we have ever made. What ultimately comes from this will be between each of us and God.  But I can’t wait to see how we grow in our faith and trust in Him as we simply Surrender, Listen, and Obey. And then fasten our seatbelts and see the great things God does!


Grateful beyond words,


Todd Katter
Lead Pastor
February 2017