It all started when...

Soon, Willow Creek Huntley will stop growing. As a mobile church meeting in a rented, shared, public space, we experience constant, unsolvable challenges—set up and tear down; parking and construction frustrations; scheduling conflicts, changes and cancelations; limited signage and visibility; limited seating at optimal service times; limited, less-than-ideal spaces for Promiseland, Elevate, and Impact; limited access during the week for small groups, classes, workshops, community events, and community outreach. Our current space simply cannot contain all that God wants to do through our church and in our community.

As we rapidly approach our sixth anniversary, we celebrate our very real “problem” of exponential growth—what a wonderful “problem” to have. And the constraints of our current rented spaces are growing as fast as we are growing! All of our spaces are inadequate. Ministry has become less possible and less effective as we, again and again, come up against increasing space limitations. We are in need of an “only God” solution.

God really has provided a HOME for us. And we are so grateful! After more than 18 months of prayer and diligent study, employing a team of experts from multiple disciplines, we have secured a 65-acre land parcel on Huntley Road, a couple blocks east of Square Barn Road. The seller of the land—who, after being invited by a friend, started attending our Huntley church family in the past year—was deeply moved by our vision for a permanent home and chose to donate the majority of this land. Due in part to this generosity, no other land option came even close to providing the proximity, space, and affordability of this property. The next best option was nearly 10 times the cost for less acreage. It’s clear that God’s hand has been guiding us toward this land. Securing the land was an important first step. There is much more to be done! We are working with a company to design and build the facility, parking, and grounds that will serve as our church home. We will need the resources of our entire congregation to make this vision a reality. We must move in faith, together!

This solution doesn’t just benefit us; it benefits those in our community who still do not even know

we exist. It has never been the vision of Willow Creek Community Church to limit the love of Christ. It has always been the Willow Creek vision to invite more and more people to come to know the hope of Christ. God is using Willow Creek Huntley to reach people who are far from God and to grow each one of us into ever-increasing devotion to Jesus.


God has provided for us—every step of the way. Now, He invites us to move in faith. So let’s build a home together! As God works in your life, listen closely to His promptings. Ask him how He’s calling you to surrender your time, talents, and treasure as you join in this permanent home vision in the coming months. God, who began this good work, will help us complete a church home that brings glory to Him while best serving our church family and the community we so love.


 Each one of us is invited to SURRENDER :: LISTEN :: OBEY. This process requires us to bring our whole heart and all of our soul, mind, and strength before God. We can do this as individuals. We can also do this, more fully, together. Let’s move in faith as a church family!