Prayer is connection and communion with God.

Throughout our Home Vision Campaign, we’ll be offering you a variety of prayer possibilities:


Daily Devotional

Use this tool to learn from (and connect with) others who call Willow Creek Huntley home. Use this tool daily to connect and commune with God.


Prayer Experiences

Many of us feel a little awkward or clunky in prayer. Maybe we’ve only learned a few simple prayers. Maybe we’re uncomfortable praying out loud. Maybe we begin to pray and end up thinking about our “to do” list. Maybe we are just ready for “more” in prayer—more consistency, more depth, more connection, more space, more. If any of these describe you, know that you are not alone! Also, know that more is possible.

Check here for “Prayer Experiences.” We hope that these will bless you—that they’ll grow you in your connection and communion with the Father who loves you so.



Prayer Requests

We have a Prayer Team that would love to pray for you! Whatever your need, praise, concern, or ask, you can submit it here. Your prayer requests are treated as precious and confidential.