our permanent home

God really has provided a HOME for us. And we are so grateful! After looking at more than 200 properties, after more than 18 months of prayer and diligent study, after employing a team of experts from multiple disciplines, we have secured a 65-acre land parcel on Huntley Road, a couple blocks east of Square Barn Road. The seller of the land—who, after being invited by a friend, started attending our Huntley church family in the past year—was deeply moved by our vision for a permanent home and chose to donate the majority of this land. Due in part to this generosity, no other land option came even close to providing the proximity, space, and affordability of this property. The next best option was nearly 10 times the cost for less acreage. It’s clear that God’s hand has been guiding us toward this land. Securing the land was an important first step. There is much more to be done! We are working with a company to design and build the facility, parking, and grounds that will serve as our church home. We will need the resources of our entire congregation to make this vision a reality. We must move in faith, together!

Watch our Land Announcement HERE.