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God is building a home. We are moving in faith. In our HOME Campaign, we are asking everyone who calls Willow Creek Huntley home to make a sacrificial three-year commitment to help raise five million dollars to realize our dream of a permanent home to bless our families and our community for the next hundred years.



advance team

We believe that God is building this church—that He is calling us to be a surrendered, passionate, committed community of faith that reaches out into our world in His name.

 Do you consider yourself to be part of the Willow Creek Huntley church family? Do you self-identify as someone who is committed to and passionate about what God is doing in and through this church?

 Join the Advance Team, a group of momentum-builders and early-adopters who are committed to our God-given vision of building a permanent home so that we can “Reach Everyone, Always.” Subscribe below to receive emails, updates, and invitations to upcoming gatherings.


Daily Devotional

Our desire and prayer is that the five weeks we spend with our Home Vision will be a deeply transformative spiritual process, from beginning to end. We hope that, throughout these five weeks, you grow closer to God—that you come to know and trust His great love for you and for His church.

Please join us in daily readings, reflections, and prayers.



Each one of us is invited to Surrender, Listen, and Obey. This process requires us to bring our whole heart and all of our soul, mind, and strength before God. We can do this as individuals. We can also do this, more fully, together. Let’s move in faith as a church family!

We have Small Group Guides and DVDs available for you. If you are not in a small group, get connected HERE. If you would like to join a small group for the campaign only, please join us after services, February 5–March 5. Find out more and register HERE.


Family Guide

Families are meant to move in faith together! Week by week, your family will have the opportunity to interact around our Home campaign. Follow the links below to connect more fully with God and with your family members of all ages.