In Response to Harvey


Shannon Swift

On Wednesday, I had a VERY full day planned—from morning through the evening with work and kids’ activities. There was no room to fit one.more.thing. into my day. Can you relate?

Wednesday is the day I learned that our entire church family was planning a response to Hurricane Harvey Victims and, specifically, that all campuses were going to be coordinating a drive. Have I mentioned my full day...?

Immediately, my mind went into planning mode... and to images that have been haunting me from the news. Entire subdivisions under water—homes that are just like yours and mine. Families having to evacuate, leaving almost everything behind. Like many of you, I saw on the news a crew who was trying to evacuate an elderly man and his wife who had Alzheimer’s disease. They where waist high in water inside their home. I imagined them being so confused and frightened.

This drive for Harvey relief that was just four days away—how was this going to happen? Later on Wednesday, I started making phone calls and sent my first email. The responses on the phone were, “yes”. Almost immediately after pressing the “send” button on the first email, the first “yes” came back to me. The challenge was starting to feel less daunting; the excitement was building. How was our church family going to respond?!?!?!

With the help of the ENTIRE staff team, we got the word out not only to our church family but to our entire community that people in Houston have tangible needs that our Huntley community could fill.

Sunday came; the lobby was filled with volunteers and empty boxes waiting to be filled. The first donations started coming in and did not stop until 2 p.m. Two truckloads later, almost 500 boxes of donations and you showed up BIG TIME!!

Three important facts stand out to me when I reflect on our Harvey Response:

  1. God continues to surprise and amaze—I LOVE this about Him!
  2. When the Willow Creek Huntley family sees a need—you respond in ways that make a difference!
  3. People in Houston are feeling the love of Jesus right now because of you!

Thank you! Thank you for how you rallied, thank you for how you volunteered, thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus to people in need like we may never know. You make me fall in love with our church over and over again.