My story of Baptism

I committed to following Jesus my sophomore year in college. I attended a few different churches from that time until the time I chose to be baptized in 2013. Those years, God took me on a journey to know what it really meant to follow Him. Up to that point, fear was always the barrier for me.  Afraid of what you might ask. Of a spotlight on me, people looking at me. When I got right down to it, I realized that this wasn’t about other people; it was about me and God. It seemed strange that it was a decision that I stewed over and ran away from for SO LONG. I was internalizing it so much, overly concerned about the “me” part of it when, really, all God wanted from me was to mark and profess how Jesus had changed me. I was making everything so complicated, when really it was so simple.

Meghan Watson