My Baptism Story

I was raised in the Catholic faith, and in my early thirties, Jim and I both started to have questions and a desire to raise our boys to know God. That led us to an evangelical church where I heard the gospel clearly for the first time in my life. I began to read the Bible, and I knew God was calling me into a personal relationship with Him. I surrendered my life to Christ and was taught in our church that baptism was the “next step”—a time to make a public declaration of the personal and private decision made to follow Christ. Baptism was done twice a year, and at first, I felt a little stirring when baptism was coming, a sense that “I should” do this. After the second opportunity passed, I felt a heart change. This was something I wanted to do. (Fear had held me back—testimonies were videotaped and played the day of baptism, before each person went in to be baptized. I wasn’t comfortable with that. My desire to “believe and be baptized” because it was what Jesus was inviting and calling me to ultimately outweighed that fear.) And so, the next time baptisms came around, I signed up right away. The day of my baptism was a beautiful celebration, with some of our dearest church friends gathering at our home after to celebrate with me. Even family who still follow the Catholic faith—who I thought might be upset—were hugely supportive and happy for me. Following my baptism, I entered one of the greatest seasons of spiritual growth in my journey so far. Faith is one of my spiritual gifts, and in that season, my faith increased beyond expression. I got to see God’s hand everywhere—in ways I hadn’t been able to see before.

Eileen Lauer