Fifty days.

Just over fifty days ago, at our weekly Huntley all-staff meeting, I shared with the team how this Home Vision season was going to be filled with challenge, adventure, and life-changing lessons like none other. Looking back, here are a few of the lessons God has graciously taught me:

Prayer is paramount. When I’m facing any season of pressure, it’s tempting for me to try to “perform” my way into getting the work done. God challenged me to take a different path. When in doubt, stop, take time, and pray. And then, as much as possible, invite others to join you in prayer. When the God of the universe is boldly working, nothing can stop His purposes!

Stay in “my lane.” As a pastor, God simply calls me to preach His WORD and to proclaim His WORK. As Hebrews 4:12 says, His Word is incredibly powerful—there’s nothing else on the planet like it—and so is His WORK in His church. God has been working like crazy in our church family these past fifty days, and it’s been fun to have a front-row seat to that and to simply proclaim the stories of His work so we can inspire each other.

Trust God to do the math. God has promised to build His church—no question there. If I’m faithful, if each person on our staff is faithful, and if our whole church family is faithful—each of us seeking Him and doing what He asks us to do—He will “do the math.” He will provide. He will do the work that only He can do!

Schedule strategic space. When I have a “to do,” it’s easy for me to overload my schedule with things so there’s no space. Yet God has challenged me that this is precisely when I need the most space, as I need to “leave room” for Him to speak. Otherwise, I’ll miss out on what He’s saying, which is always far more important than anything I had on “my” agenda!

Leaning on family is way more fun! We’re a church “family” for a reason. We have the most amazing team of staff, volunteers, and faithful Jesus followers that I’ve ever been a part of. There were times when it was tempting for me to think, “It’s all on me!” But every time, God reminded me this was the farthest from the truth. So many people prayed; so many people gave of their time and their heart in so many ways. I was the farthest thing from being alone in this. And besides, tackling a bold, God-inspired vision with a team you love is just WAY, WAY more fun!

Those are just five lessons. I’m sure there are fifty more that God will keep teaching me.

During this Home Vision series, what has God been teaching you?