The children,too

We have been with Willow Creek Huntley Church since it started six years ago. Church services are held at the Huntley High School. Just late last year, our church was blessed with a 65-acre plot of land. Yay God! Our family is so excited to be part and involved in the Home-vision campaign to build Willow Creek Huntley’s permanent HOME.

Each person in our church has been given the opportunity to engage in this journey—not just the adults but the children as well. Through lessons in Promiseland, our ongoing HOME discussions at home, and in our prayers, everybody in our household is aware of and engaged with this exciting season of our church.

After our family decided how much to commit to the Home-vision campaign, our son Ez told us that he wanted to give all of his savings. We were surprised. After telling him how much his savings were, he was also surprised and ended up settling to give half of the amount. He said the other half is for his college. We gave him a week to make sure he really understood why he wanted to give. But each time we asked him why he was giving, he consistently told us that he wanted to help build the new home of our church.

So on March 4, we let him withdraw half of his savings to issue the cashier’s check for Willow Huntley.

We could have just told him to keep his savings because we have pledged our family commitment already. But with such generosity at his age, we had to honor his heart’s desire—a heart that loves Jesus and our church.

We are so thankful to belong to a dynamic church... a church like home... where everyone is family.